A protest against a murderous injustice

Five years ago George Bush stated that that the job was done and the war was over. Since then over four thousand American soldiers have died in Iraq.

Tony Bliar, who took Britain into an illegal war and tried to justify his actions with a 'dossier' full of lies, half-truths and exaggerations was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honour  which, as a dishonourable man, he hasn't had the effrontery to accept yet. No longer the UK's prime minister he is now free to roam the world filling his bank account as an 'ambassador for peace' whilst Iraqis as well as British and American servicemen continue to die and Iraq itself slides further and further towards an inevitable civil war.

They were warned what would happen; but they ignored the advice and now other, innocent people will continue to suffer indefinitely for their arrogance, obstinacy and lust for glory.

Damn you masters of war!

This is a privately owned website put up by an Englishman who is sick and tired of being lied to by political contemptibles who are not fit to lick the boots of the brave men and women (yes, and children too) on both sides of the continued conflict in Iraq who suffer appalling hardships, injury or death for no better reason than to pander to their feelings of self importance. If it makes even the slightest contribution towards the abandonment of the folly in Iraq it will have served it's purpose.

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